Dog owner shocked to find ‘portrait’ of her Jack Russell on holiday cabin wall

This piece of wood has clearly kept some of its barkā€¦

Dog owner Nicole Adkins spotted what looked a portrait of her three-year-old Jack Russell Chihuahua-mix, Waffle, on the wall of a holiday cabin.

Nicole, 33, was shocked to find a portrait of her dog, three-year-old Jack Russell Chihuahua-mix, Waffle, on the walls in a cabin her family were staying at.

The wood shares a striking resemblance to adorable Waffle, sporting the same black nose, eyes and ears.

After posting the picture on Facebook, Nicole was inundated with comments confirming that the portrait in the wood looked exactly like her pup.

Mum of two Nicole, from Michigan, US, said: “I thought the picture was awesome when I saw it, it had perfect detail.

“I thought it looked like my dog right away; the ear on the wood dog is a perfect match to waffles.

“Everyone agrees the dog in the wood looks like my dog and everyone loved Waffles’ picture also.

“Everyone commented on how happy she looked.

“Waffles is a loving pup! She loves to cuddle but she is definitely fierce when she needs to be – she is my baby all the way.

“That’s the on-going joke in my house; if I love the dog or kids more.

“We got Waffles from a lady who saved her and the litter from being dumped in the woods.

“There was a man who had dogs that had puppies that he didn’t plan on or want so she is a rescue.

“We wanted to take the wooden portrait home with us!”